The Eagle Has Landed

Few can fault the original e-type, ahead of its time in most respects, so hardly a surprise that an owner of one took one for a modern day upgrade and it is how the Eagle story started.

Eagle started off in 1984 as a traditional restoration business, buying, restoring and selling original E-Types to customers. Engineer Paul Brace joined the shop in 1989 and helped Pearman transition into an outfit creating high-calibre “restomods” (this is the relentless restoration and simultaneous updating/upgrading of an original).

The kickstart to the story that leads us toward this newly launched GT model started when in 1991, author John McLaren came to Eagle. He wanted to keep the exhilarating experience his original E-type offered yet achieve heightened performance and reliability – Eagle E-types were born.

Twenty years after launching their successful Eagle E-Type restomod series, the Sussex outfit wanted to further ensure the E-type legend lived on and created the E-Type Speedster.

A couple of years later Eagle followed up with a hard-top grand tourer, the Low Drag GT. And now the Spyder GT completes their impressive trilogy.

The often savage circle of motoring critics have been roundly and repeatedly uttering words starting at gorgeous and moving through beauty and into jaw-dropping. It is as if they’ve all taken a collective intoxicant – Or perhaps not, we didn’t have any and are totally smitten.

And so to the specifications, it is more than a pretty face ( a very pretty one at that) and for its near £700k price-tag you’d expect quite a bit under the hood. Well, we have 330bhp on offer thanks to a custom, 4.7-litre straight six – power enough to propel the Spyder GT from 0-60mph in under five seconds, and on to a top speed of over 170mph.

And that, in a roof down ride is most certainly going to blow those cobwebs away and score high on the thrill factor.

Each ride begins life as an original E-Type ready for the long process toward GT glory. Each and every element is bespoke from the aluminium gearbox to aluminium engine block. The exterior enjoys an aluminium monocoque with deeper sills, a lower floor pan and wider wheel arches with custom 16” wheels and tyres

On the inside the hand crafted interior features sumptuous leather and a delicious sweeping centre console – The attention to detail is an absolute joy.

This car isn’t establishing new levels in automotive excellence is redefining driving.

from £695,000

Conor McNicholas
Conor McNicholas is a British journalist and editor. He formerly edited Top Gear and IPC-run music magazine, New Musical Express (NME).

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