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It’s been bubbling under for a while but the sport of long drive golf is finally about to hit the big time. March 16-17 will see the broadcast of the first of four in the new Long Drive World Series. Taking place at Dubai’s Jumeriah Golf Estates, the event will be aired across multiple TV networks including ESPN and Sky Sports, significantly raising the profile of this developing sport.

Tempus is playing a major part in bringing this exciting sport to a wider audience by teaming up with its partners at MJS Capital to sponsor the first ever World Series. With a potential reach of 500 million people across the channels showing the series, the aim to create a global super league is firmly in sight.

Eight of the world’s top Long Drive professionals are signed up to take part in the inaugural event in Dubai. It’s set to be played under the night lights and with a party atmosphere backdrop, courtesy of celebrity DJs, lasers and entertainment.

Joe Miller, two times and current world champion, won his 2016 title with a huge 423-yard effort in the final. That wasn’t even the 31-year-old Englishman’s longest hit of the night – he whacked a 439-yard effort to win in the semi.

Joe Miller, World Long Drive Champion

“It’s such an exciting time to be involved in this sport and helping develop the concept of the series from the ground up. We’re seeing loads of interest in the sport from the public, a real appetite for the atmosphere and thrills it creates,” says Joe. “With 22 wins on the European tour, I’m feeling confident going into the opener of the new series in Dubai.”

The event will also open its doors to the public, in a hunt to find the longest amateur driver. One wild card place is available in the professional event. The knockout style of the tournament has players hitting an unlimited amount of balls in three minutes and, through a series of eliminations, we arrive at a final.

The biggest hit wins the day and a prize fund is spread among the top four. Following this event, the tour visits the UK, Asia and concludes in Miami.

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