Drophead Gorgeous

The mistake you can make with a soft top is to only see it as a car for the summer. Certainly the Dawn comes into its own when the temperatures rise, but when the mechanics under the hood are this good then even with the roof up, it’s the drive of your life.

Very much at home cruising the boulevards of balmy Palm Beach-type resorts, this stunning saloon is equally as head-turning eating up the asphalt of any city street.

Car pundits have accused it of looking like the Wraith with its top chopped off yet in actual fact 80 per cent of its body parts are unique to the Dawn.

It also doesn’t opt for fancy techy tricks. Forget on-board WiFi or Apple CarPlay compatibility, this ride is somewhat old-school in this respect and that’s no bad thing.

But back to its looks. With the top down, the Dawn has a spectacular shape and offers a sail-like silhouette from the six-layer cloth top.

It boasts, confidently, a twin-turbo 6.6-litre V-12 engine which allows a decent 563 horsepower.

Top end, it can reach 155 mph and get from standing to 60 in under five seconds. Add the wind-in-your-hair-factor and it feels even more fun.

The entire interior is utterly exquisite and there’s plenty of room inside for four full-sized passengers (in fact, they can all recline to quite a degree without imposing on one another).

As you’d expect from Rolls-Royce there are a multitude of interior and exterior options. There are also further opportunities for bespoke and personalised specifications to allow you to add your own stamp of elegance.

Charisma, however, comes fitted as standard.

Peter Jenkinson
Toyologist Pete Jenkinson regularly writes about toys in national newspapers like The Sun and The Mail.

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